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3D Scans Portfolio

IMT Inc. 360° specializes in capturing the essence of spaces in unparalleled detail, offering a visual journey like never before. Our cutting-edge technology transforms physical environments into interactive, lifelike digital twins, allowing your audience to explore and engage from anywhere on the globe. Below is a sampling of our work.

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Old Town Tortilla Factory: Daytime

The Old Town Tortilla Factory is located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. The restaurant specializes in hosting meetings, parties, and rehearsal dinners. Planners use the scan to choose rooms and measure the space. The scan is part of a larger virtual experience.

Old Town Tortilla Factory: Nighttime

The Old Town Tortilla Factory boasts a 1400 square foot flagstone patio that is surrounded by green vegetation and shaded by 100-year-old trees. Diners use the nighttime scan to preview tables inside and outside. The scan is part of a larger virtual experience.

Carefree Restobar

This combination restaurant and bar in Carefree, Arizona showcases the stunning patio area and modern interior, allowing diners and meeting planners to preview the space, measure areas, and visualize events from the comfort of their home on computers, tablets, smartphones, and VR headsets.

Wild Holly Gallery

The Wild Holly Gallery in Carefree, Arizona updates their 3D laser scan every 60 days to showcase new artwork. The scan contains video and photo overlays as well as links to purchase products on their Shopify website. The scan is part of a larger virtual experience.

Weddings off Litchfield

This digital twin allows couples and their families looking for a beautiful wedding venue, with Californian mission style church architecture, to view the Weddings Off Litchfield facility from anywhere across the globe. The scan is part of a larger virtual experience.

Luxury Resort Suite

Matterport 3D scans allow potential hotel and resort guests to preview rooms, explore amenities, and experience the atmosphere of your property. Meeting and event planners can use the digital twin to navigate and measure your conference and banquet space without leaving their desk.

Scottsdale Day Spa

Digital twins of spas and healthcare facilities demystify the experience for potential customers and/or patients, leading to a more pleasing and less stressful in-person experience. This 3D laser scan features video and photo overlays as well as service.

Angel Window: Grand Canyon National Park

Points of interest, attractions, tour companies, destinations, and guides can showcase outdoor spaces related to their business to potential guests and clients from the comfort of their home. Studies show that people are more interested in visiting a place in-person after viewing it virtually.

Meridian Trail - Tonto National Forest

One of the largest outdoor scans made to date, this digital twin produced for the National Forest Service allows everyone to experience the one-mile Meridian Trail loop. Honoring the Americans with Disabilities Act, this project allows people of all abilities to experience our National Forest trails.

Tempe Butte

This virtual field trip produced for the School of Earth and Space Exploration at ASU allows online students to experience the same geologically rich locations as in-person students and level the playing field by giving learners access to pedagogically rich but inaccessible places. The scan is part of a larger digital experience.

Sedona: Oak Creek

McGraw Hill Education uses virtual field experiences to offer instructors using their books an opportunity to interact with a place through the eyes (and with) the textbook authors, building deep relationships between them and the educators using their materials. The scan is part of a larger virtual experience.

Mexican Hat Formation

McGraw Hill Education uses virtual field experiences that allow students to study and navigate pedagogically rich, but inaccessible field sites throughout the world. Learners can walk a place on their computer, tablet, smartphone, or VR headset. The scan is part of a larger virtual experience.